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Life On Vape Review

Life On Vape delivers nicotine into the lungs through flavored vapor. Nicotine is highly addictive and can cause a variety of health problems, particularly for adolescents.

But when the FDA cut off Rose’s access to mango-flavored vaping cartridges, he and his friends simply switched to menthol. And that’s exactly what the FDA is trying to stop.

The Vessel

Vessel makes some of the most aesthetically pleasing and highest-performance oil pens on the market. These battery vaporizers are like the Rolexes of the cannabis world, and for good reason. They’re beautiful, powerful, and incredibly easy to use. They also have a hefty price tag, but they’re worth it for those who want to upgrade their style and performance in one fell swoop.

The Vessel brand is a California-based company that produces high-end cannabis products for the discerning consumer. Their flagship line includes the Vista, Expedition Trail, Wood, Botanical, and Core vaporizers. Their vaporizers are designed with both the user experience and the environment in mind, making them some of the most environmentally friendly devices available on the market.

These devices are made of recyclable materials, and their aluminum is anodized to protect against scratches and stains. They also have a built-in airflow system that provides unrestricted, smooth vapor without any goopy taste. The Vista has four voltage settings, a quality cartridge connection, and LED lights to indicate charging and battery status. The wood and botanical models are similarly designed, but with an extra layer of protection for the cartridge.

While the Vessel vaporizers are easy to use, they’re not without their quirks. The design of the power button can be a little fussy, requiring five clicks to turn on and three clicks to change temperatures. This can be a pain when you’re on the go and under the influence, especially if you’re unable to count or coordinate your movements.

For a more straightforward and affordable option, look no further than the Vessel Core. This device is a staff favorite here at Happy Trails, and it’s designed to fit most 510-threaded cartridges on the market. It’s also got a hefty battery capacity, making it perfect for extended sessions or long hikes. These batteries are made of sturdy materials and have a sleek, modern design. They’re also incredibly portable and easy to take with you on the go.

The Life Saber

The 7th Floor Life Saber is one of the most versatile and refined herbal vaporizers on the market. Easily used in three different ways; alone using the transfer wand, attached to a water pipe with the provided adapter or using it as a butane lighter with the ceramic heater cover. The LSV has a large capacity herb chamber that holds over 1 gram and a unique glass vapor path to deliver great tasting vapor every time.

The all glass construction contributes to a clean flavour free vapour and the glass on glass convection heating also helps to cool down the vapor when taking hits. The LSV can reach operating temperature very quickly so you can be vaping in under 3 minutes from turning it on. This means you can start enjoying vapor from the first draw, unlike many herbal whip style vaporizers that require priming.

Unlike other vaporizers that come with a number of different switches and buttons the LSV is easy to operate with simple on/off operation and a draw activated LED light. This is a great desktop vaporizer for beginners who want a simple and effective unit that will not frustrate them with dialing in or complicated process.

The LSV comes with a handmade marble pick for loading and cleaning as well as a padded case to keep it safe between uses. It also includes a spare ceramic heater for quick replacement and the full manufacturers lifetime warranty.

One of the downsides to the LSV is that the glass components can be fairly breakable if your not careful and it does not have a temperature display. But all in all a great desktop vaporizer and something that every vaper should have in their stable of devices. You will not find another vaporizer that produces that magical milky smooth terpy hit like the LSV!